Sunday, February 14, 2016

Place Value

This unit includes everything that you need to teach about Place Value.
Filled with fun activities, this place value unit is perfect for teachers, educators, and homeschoolers.

What does this unit include?

  1. Jelly bean poster and word wall words that display different forms of writing a two-digit number.
  2. Math center activities
  3. Place value booklet
  4. Printables
  5. Assessment

Here is the brief description about few of the centers:

Build a Flower:

For this center, students will match the right petals to the right flower seed and record their answers on the recording sheet or flowers.

Jelly Beans and the Jar:

During the center, place all the beans on a mat. Students will find and match all different ways to represent a number and its place value:
1. standard form, 2. word form, 3. expanded form, 4. tens and ones, 5. number using base 10 blocks

Numbered Beans for the Numbered Jar

Mix up the cards thoroughly and spread them on the table. Students will match the base ten blocks to the expanded form. They will, then, records the total number of base ten blocks in the correct jar.

Value of a Digit

During the center, students pick up the number cards, look at the underlined number, and sort the card into Tens Place and Ones Place mats. Finally, they record their answers on the recording sheet.

Mystery Number Cards

Place Value Match Up Cards


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