Thursday, March 31, 2016

FREE MATH LESSON - “Averages Puzzles”

by Nicola Waddilove
6th - 9th Grade

Can you find four numbers with a mean of 6 and a mode of 8?

A series of puzzles that requires students to think backwards - if they know the average, can they find the numbers?

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Stress-Free Homework Check Sheet”

by Stress-Free Teaching
2nd - 6th Grade

I created this system to make the whole process of collecting and checking off homework easier. Who doesn’t want that? 

My classroom is set up with table groups consisting of 4 - 5 students at each group. A table captain is selected each week. This person collects and fills out the sheet each morning. Names are entered on the side and the type of homework across the top. The table captain checks off whether the assignments were completed, enters an A for absent students or and I for incomplete work. This saves me valuable time in the morning!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

April Fool's Day and Earth Day Activities for Primary!

Earth Day & April Fool's Day

Besides the Recycle Crafts above, you might enjoy these April Fool's Day and Earth Day Learning Centers...

Earth Day Activities: 

★ 7 Posters, Earth Day Pledge, Earth Day Graphing Activity (for in school or at 

home), Earth Day Certificate and Parent Letter 

★ 22 Pages – NEWLY REVISED to include Full Color Earth Day Versions as well 

as Black and White Earth Day versions for students to color.

★ Earth Day Certificate

★ 7 Earth Day Posters

★ Earth Day Graph

★ Earth Day Pledge

★ Parent Letter

★ Use by itself or with my PowerPoint Presentation and/or mini-book at 2 

different reading levels. 

April Fool's Day Readers... Color and Black and White:

April Fool’s Day Booklet of Jokes!

Celebrate April Fool’s Day with this mini book containing seven jokes that are bound to be appreciated by K/1 students!

★ Plus illustrated April Fool's Day vocabulary cards for a word wall or pocket chart.

NEW PRODUCT DISCOUNT for a limited time!

3 Versions of the Book:

1) Full Color Illustrations

2) Black and White Illustrations for Students to Color

3) Versions for students to illustrate their own. 

Keep in school for future fun, or send home for students to have fun with their families on April Fool’s Day!

April Fool’s Day Songs and Poems! 

Use for April Fool's Day shared reading or fluency.

Celebrate April Fool’s Day with these 5 songs and poems...

★ Full Color and Black and White.

★ All Illustrated with April Fool’s Day themed Graphics

★ Songs/Poems sung to popular children’s songs.
Just choose those you like, and print just those pages.

★ Sing to familiar tunes, or chant. 

★ Use some or all year after year. 

Earth Day PowerPoint "Things to do to Help the Earth"

I also added 10 Songs at a variety of levels so you can have an Earth Day Sing Along! 

★ 25 slides - Use by itself or in conjunction with my Earth Day PDF file OR mini-book (2 Reading levels) that can be found in my other product listings. The PDF file (sold separately) has a parent letter, take home graph, Earth Day Pledge, Earth Day Certificate, and 7 posters about how students can help the Earth. There are black and white versions as well as full color versions of the Earth Day Posters, Earth Day Certificate and Earth Day Graph. 

Browse my other Earth Day Resources for Literacy and Math by visiting my store and opening the Custom Folder labeled "EARTH DAY/CINCO DE MAYO", or just click below:

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Earth Day Readers:

Earth Day Build A Word Wheels For DIBELS Blending Practice:  Real or Nonsense?

Earth Day Sight Word Game Boards -  

First 106 Dolch Words

Earth Day Sight Word Game Boards -
Last 114 Dolch Sight Words

FREE MATH LESSON - “Geometry Worksheet: Points, Lines, and Planes”

by My Geometry World
7th - 10th Grade

Geometry worksheet covering:
• Points
• Lines
• Planes 

You will get a copy of fill in the blank notes for the students as well as a teacher edition with the notes filled in. You will also receive a worksheet with a answer sheet.
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• Geometry Worksheet: Parallel, Perpendicular, and Skew Lines
• Geometry Worksheet: Segment Addition Postulate
• Geometry Worksheet: Classifying Angles and Angle Addition Postulate
• Geometry Worksheet: Vertical Angles, Adjacent Angles, and Linear Pair
• Geometry Worksheet: Complementary and Supplementary Angles
• Geometry Worksheet: Segment and Angle Bisectors
• Geometry Crossword Puzzle: Foundations of Geometry
• Geometry Quiz: Points, Lines, and Planes
• Geometry Test Review: Foundations of Geometry Test Review
• Geometry Test: Foundations of Geometry Test
• Geometry Bundle: Foundations of Geometry
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Monday, March 28, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Poetry and Figurative Language Posters”

by everything just so
2nd - 6th Grade

Free Figurative Language Posters

>PLEASE NOTE: Sometimes the process of uploading products changes the colors of images in thumbnails and previews. The actual file is NOT neon.

These Figurative Language Posters were designed for use with my Poetry and Figurative Language Mini-unit, which was created for a group of students who needed extra practice with fluency and a beginner’s understanding of poetry. Each day provided a quick lesson on one characteristic or type of figurative language, multiple readings of a short poem, and practice using the term of the day. The Figurative Language Posters served as a reminder of important terms while we studied.

Included in this product are 13 posters - one for each figurative language term that is covered in the packet. Each poster gives the definition of the term and most list an example. Can be used for bulletin boards, cover pages on packets, in learning centers, etc. Terms covered are:


You can find the complete unit here: Poetry and Figurative Language Mini-Unit

For other free resources, click here:

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

FREE MISC. LESSON - “How to Solve LOGIC PUZZLES Using Grids: Increase Critical Thinking Skills FREE”

by Strawberry Shake
3rd - 12th Grade

My students LOVE solving PUZZLES!!

Logic puzzles test students’ critical thinking in a fun way. They challenge students to read, organize and analyze information to solve an interesting problem. The answers to logic puzzle questions never explicitly appear in the clues; they must be inferred.

Solving logic puzzles helps develop critical thinking skills important in all subjects and helps students learn to rely upon their own ability to reason. Students who can solve logic problems have greater confidence in being able to tackle problems to which the answers are not immediately evident.

Logic puzzles can be suitable for young children as soon as they are able to read the clues. By including more variables, puzzles can be challenging for older or more experienced solvers.

I often provide puzzles at several levels of difficulty for my students to complete. They can choose on their own which puzzle is right for their abilities. Sometimes the puzzles are related to the academic information we’re working on in class, but often not. The puzzles are their own lesson – training for the students’ brains.

Try it out for yourself! This guide will teach you how to solve logic puzzles using the grid method. One beginner level puzzle is provided for you to practice.

If you want to try some more LOGIC PUZZLES try these:
CHRISTMAS Logic Puzzles

WINTER Logic Puzzles


ST. PATRICK'S DAY Logic Puzzles

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Adorable graphics by

© 2014 Terri Lester for Strawberry Shake. All rights reserved. Purchase of this unit entitles the purchaser the right to reproduce the pages in limited quantities for classroom use only. Duplication for an entire school, an entire school system or commercial purposes is strictly forbidden without written permission from the publisher.

Copying any part of this product and placing it on the Internet in any form (even a personal/classroom website) is strictly forbidden and is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

FREE MATH LESSON - “1st Grade Common Core Math Assessments - FREEBIE”

by Tiny Teaching Shack
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

This is a sample packet of the big bundle of 1st grade common core math assessments. Your feedback will be very appreciated :) Thank you!

It includes one assessment from each 1st grade common core math standard:

1. Operations & Algebraic Thinking (OA)
2. Number & Operations in Base Ten (NBT)
3. Measurement & Data (MD)
4. Geometry (G)

You can purchase a huge bundle of all 4 packets here:

First Grade Math Assessments COMPLETE PACKET

You can click these links to look at the individual packets:

First Grade Math Assessments- OA Standards
First Grade Math Assessments- NBT Standards
First Grade Math Assessments- MD Standards
First Grade Math Assessments- G Standards

Other materials you may be interested:

1st Grade Common Core Language Practice Sheets : CONVENTIONS AND GRAMMAR
1st Grade Common Core Language Practice Sheets : VOCABULARY ACQUISITION
Easy Print Phonics Printables FREEBIE

Thank you for visiting my little store! :D

Tiny Teaching Shack

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Sentence Stems - for Thinking and Discussing”

by LisaTeachR's Classroom
1st - 6th Grade

Here are some questioning sentence stems. I put them on popsicle sticks for younger students or ELD learners to help prompt them when using the reading strategy of questioning. I made a set for use with any subject and a set for scaffolding text based discussions. Enjoy!

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Weekly Classroom Organization”

by Mrs D's Classroom
Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade

Included in this freebie are editable, color-coded files to get your classroom organized! A lesson plan template, drawer labels, and classroom display pages are included in the zip file. (You will need the Excel program if you choose to edit.) 

The Monday through Friday pages can be used in a multitude of ways. I've laminated them and used them as dry erase pages to write homework on and calendar reminders for students. I have printed them in smaller versions for my own organizational purposes. The daily color band (blue, green, yellow, purple & orange) corresponds with other daily activities, such as math centers, I do in my classroom. Color-coding is a very easy thing for students and substitutes to follow!

Check out the notes I've included for more ideas of how to get yourself (and your students) organized today!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FREE MATH LESSON - “Probability”

by Brain Ninjas
4th - 6th Grade

Your students can explore probability outcomes by moving through ten stations that each pose a question which can be answered with more likely, less likely, equally likely, possible, impossible or certain. One questions reads: What is the chance this 6 sided dice will land on a number between one and six? (certain) Some students had to pick up the die and look at all the sides while others could figure it out in their minds. Either way, students stay accountable by filling out a passport with each of their answers. An answer key is included.

If you have three 6-sided dice, three decks of cards and a coin you have the majority of the supplies needed to set up. Templates and instructions are included to make three simple spinners. Just print the station cards and set up. It's so simple your students can even set it up for you.

These stations were tested with fourth and fifth grade students who thought it was a fun way to practice the terms. They had a better understanding of the meaning of each of the terms and could provide different scenarios that would provide similar or alternative outcomes.

This activity directly aligns with the Alberta Program of Studies Math-Statistics and Probability (Chance and Uncertainty) Grade 5 SO3 SO4.

Be sure to check out our other math resources

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