Wednesday, March 2, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Plural Pizzazz: Games for Plural Endings with the Final Y”

by Mandy Gregory
2nd - 4th Grade

Included in this packet is four spelling games on plural nouns focusing on the final -y ending.

The first game is a simple activity that would best work with white boards. Students draw cards and a partner tells them the word to write and then the partner checks their work. Simple but engaging due to those white boards!

The second game is a Kaboom! game that has students spell the word correctly noting if it ends in s or changing the y to an i and adding es...

The third game is a concentration game matching the noun to the plural noun. There is a recording sheet to practice spelling and writing the plurals.

The fourth game is a Forest Friends Plurals board game. Students draw a card and then write the word as a plural. If the student writes the word correctly he or she may roll a die and move forward this many spaces on the board. 

These games are perfect as partner activities!

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