Monday, July 18, 2016

FREE MATH LESSON - “Symmetry Sheet with Student-Made Manipulatives”

by Teacher Addict
2nd - 4th Grade

This is a symmetry activity where students draw in the lines of symmetry for 9 different shapes on a piece of paper. Each of the shapes are also enlarged so that the students can cut them out and test the objects by folding them. Once students fold the objects to test different lines of symmetry, they go back to their paper and make any changes. Note: The teacher can also cut these shapes out ahead of time and put them on card stock to make them more durable. 


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If you want some non-routine math problems (math problems that do not have one conventional way to be solved) for your students, click on the appropriate age range below:

Non-routine problems on task cards for 2nd - 3rd grade
Non-routine problems on task cards for 4th - 6th grade


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