Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Language Activity Kit

by Kathy Babineau
Grades 1-4

Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble up this fun expressive and receptive language kit!

This Thanksgiving Themed Language Kit contains lots of great language based activities for kids. Over 100 cards, 5 writing worksheets, games and more to target receptive and expressive language.

Contents include:
*Thanksgiving picture cards (with and without text)
*Synonym matching cards 
*Antonym matching cards
*Categorical naming cards
*Irregular past tense verb cards
*Game board
*Turkey Feather collection boards
*Following Directions worksheet and read-aloud directions
*Written Language Worksheets

Please use this product for your own personal use. Do not resell!

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Kathy Babineau MS, CCC-SLP

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