Wednesday, May 18, 2016

CVCe Ocean Write the Room FREEBIE

I am excited to share my newest FREE resource with you!

CVCe Ocean Write the Room FREEBIE

Learning in Motion with Friends From the Ocean! Get your students up and engaged in practicing CVCe words with this FREE Around the Room activity!  This literacy center is perfect for the end of the year when your little learners are antsy and ready for something different.  You may want to make it even more enticing by hiding the cards around the classroom for them to find!

Print, laminate, and cut out the cards. Make copies of the recording pages.
Hang the cards in various places around the room. Give learners a clipboard, a recording page, and a pencil. Learners go around the room looking for the picture cards. When they find a card, they write the word for the picture on the card in the correct space on their recording page. 

Click HERE for your FREE literacy center.   

I hope you and your learners enjoy this resource! 

Kamp Kindergarten

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