Wednesday, June 29, 2016

FREE MISC. LESSON - “40 Interactive Web Sites for Virtual Field Trips & Tours”

by Mister Mitchell's Education Resources
Kindergarten - 12th Grade

After receiving more than 12,000 downloads of this resource, I decided to update and expand the list from 25 sites to 40 sites! Enjoy! 

Virtual tours and field trips provide students with opportunities they may not get to experience otherwise. 

Where else can you "take a trip" to see Sistine Chapel, the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, or the African grasslands -- all in one day? 

These tools may also challenge students to think critically about the places they visit. For example, a virtual trip to Pompeii requires students to consider the quality of life in an ancient city. A trip to Chichen Itza will allow them to appreciate and question the Mayas design decisions. Simply, virtual field trips can spark your students' interest and motivate their learning in a specific content area. 

The following websites are worth considering for virtual field trips. Some are built as all-inclusive virtual trips with text and audio; others provide only imagery which can be adapted to fit the needs of a lesson.

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