Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Wednesday Weekly 5 Under $5 - 5/9/18

Every week I put together a list of 5 great products from members of The Best of Teacher Entrepreneurs Marketing Cooperative (TBOTEMC) with the requirement that each product must be less than $5.  With a variety of subjects and a wide range of grades, there just might be something that you can use, so continue to read below and see!

In addition, if you're a seller on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) that would like to get more information about joining TBOTEMC, click here.  Free free to e-mail me with any questions, as I'd be happy to help in any way possible.

By A Teacher's Teacher
ELA/Writing; Grades 7-10

This six-passage text set is accompanied by an informational prompt regarding a topic that will spark your students' interests: mountain climbing. It's a great assignment to engage students and help them work on the skill of finding and citing information from the text provided, rather than relying on their own prior knowledge or feelings about the given topic.  Modeled after AIR Testing, which is used in numerous states across the country, it would also fit well into a PARCC simulation. The text set, itself, is 5 pages long.

By Activities to Teach
Biology/Forensics; Grades 6-11

Is is a fabulous hands-on activity that helps students understand the anatomy of the human brain and the functions of the different lobes and parts. Great for a 2 day activity or supplement to other brain anatomy curriculum, you should check this out - as well as all of the terrific products from Activities to Teach!

By Teach to Tell
All Subjects; Grades PreK-6

Award your students with these 36 editable emoji-themed awards. Use them at the beginning of the year, during the year or at the end of the year. All text is editable. Simply type in the text boxes to change content, font style, size or color. You can use this item to wrap up this school year and to plan for the start of next year, if you'd like!

Adding 2 Digit Numbers Without Regrouping Beach Kids - $4.50
By Learning Harbor Resources for Teachers
Math; 2nd Grade

This is a Beach Kids theme math activity to use with Google Classroom™ or Google Drive™! Students will practice adding two-digit numbers without regrouping. This is a self correcting, interactive Google Classroom™ activity.

By Primary Learning
Reading/Vocabulary; Grades K-1

40 compound words in color and 40 compound words in black and white. One letter-size page has 3 2-piece puzzle pieces that create a compound words and the other has three compound word graphics! The compound word graphic card also has the word printed on it.

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