Sunday, June 2, 2019

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Thought Spot Reading Homework”

by SchoolBoxTreasures
4th - 6th Grade

When Homework Meets Classwork!

The following skills are practiced:
* Context Clues
* Theme
* Main Idea
* Character Analysis
* Basics (Characters, Setting, Problem, Wish, Solution)
* Inference and Conclusions

Part One: Students are given a bookmark style sheet to take home for homework. Works with any class novel, passage, or book. (Of course with the nature of the skills some work better with fictional or informational)

Part Two: Students use their homework bookmark to start the class activity. They will fill in most of the clues they had to write about in the homework. Then they pass it to another student who will add their information to the "B" section. It passes 4 times. The 5th student to receive it will use all of the clues for each section to create an answer inside the inner circle. See the thumbnail pictures for a better idea!

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