Thursday, April 30, 2020

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Reward Coupons for Positive Classroom Management”

by Teacher Trap
Kindergarten - 6th Grade

Celebrate and recognize great student behavior with these handy reward coupons! Students choose from nine special privileges such as bringing a stuffed animal to school or wearing a hat for the day. An inexpensive alternative to the treasure box!
Who is This For?
Teachers looking for free classroom rewards that actually motivate students!
What is Included?
Nine fun classroom privileges made into handy reward tickets. The cards work with any positive classroom management system including PBIS models.
I copy these onto colorful paper, chop them up and keep them in a handy spot in the classroom. When I see a student working hard, showing kindness, or making other good choices, I let them choose a card! My rule is that students must present the card before the bell rings in the morning on the day they want to redeem it.
Why Buy?
The classroom reward coupons help motivate students and provide an easy (and free) way to acknowledge good choices.
Thanks so much! I hope you found just what you needed!:)
Kady from The Teacher Trap
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