Sunday, December 20, 2020

Precalculus Lessons


This is a summary of graphing polynomial functions (Curve Sketching in AP Calculus).


1. Examples are given for linear, quadratic, cubic, quartic functions.

2. For the cubic and quartic functions, the first derivative test and the use of the derivative of the function are used to explain the curve of the function. (curve sketching in AP Calculus AB)

3. Desmos graphing and the TI - 84 plus are used for pictorial reference. Instructions for desmos and TI-84 Plus calculator are given to help students verify graphing. But, this could be a paper pencil curve sketching activity for the students.

4. Worksheet - Practice problems to help students with curve sketching.

5. Notes given on how to make your own polynomial functions by taking the product of two or more binomials. You could make many more polynomial functions on your own by creating your own functions.

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