Thursday, June 24, 2021

FREE MATH LESSON - “3-Digit Addition Worksheet | Break Apart Strategy | Regrouping | Free Printable”

by The Learning Corner Co
2nd - 3rd Grade

Do your students need review on 3-digit addition with regrouping? These worksheets focus on 3-digit addition including estimating sums, using break apart strategy, and regrouping. Each page focuses on each skill. It has plenty of practice on adding 3-digit numbers, estimating sums of 3-digit numbers, using a number line to count by tens and ones, and using break apart strategy to find the sum. This is a printable activity and includes an answer key. 

This activity has lots of practice on the following skills: 

✏️estimate sums of 3-digit numbers

✏️counting by tens and ones on a number line to find the sum

✏️3-digit addition with regrouping

✏️3-digit addition using break apart strategy

This activity is great for: 

✏️independent work


✏️math center or math stations

✏️skill practice


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