Monday, June 14, 2021

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “5 Student-Centered [DISTANCE] Learning Experiences - Ionic Bond Unit PREVIEW”

by Lab In Every Lesson
6th - 12th Grade

This 11-page catalog includes learning intentions, success criteria, vocabulary, technology links, and student-centered commentary for 5 learning experiences in chemistry, comprising an entire unit of content related to “Chemical Bonding & Salts”. Topics include an overview of types of chemical bonding (covalent, ionic and metallic), properties of salts, molecules & metals, polyatomic ions, salt formation & chemical formulas, predicting products using the criss-cross shortcut and naming salts containing monatomic & polyatomic ions.

Though this resource is not a collection of complete classroom lessons, it does describe the lesson PowerPoints and digital, distance learning lessons which will post to my store within the coming weeks. It is perfect for physical science or chemistry teachers who are looking for ideas as they contemplate how they might (1) create a more student-centered environment in their classroom and/or (2) deliver complex content in a coherent way to achieve deep learning in a virtual classroom.

Each learning experience outlined uses technology to prompt a scientific-method-based investigation that builds critical thinking skills and provides the potential to produce artifacts that can be used to demonstrate learning and mastery. The technologies outlined are free, easily accessible and compliment diverse learning styles. In this free, preview catalog, suggestions for guided questions and/or graphic organizers are not included.

A complete edition is available for purchase, along with catalogs for all other units and lessons in the course. An edition comprising an entire first semester is also available for purchase.

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