Thursday, May 12, 2022

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Genius Hour Springboard (Distance Learning, Google Drive Version)”

by Spark Creativity
5th - 12th Grade

Genius hour is a beautiful way to get kids to dive into the projects and passions they think they don’t have time for.

Maybe one of your Indigenous Nations students has always wanted to learn to speak the language of her ancestors. Maybe one of your students has been wishing he had time to learn to bake bread. Maybe another wants to learn guitar. Or harmonica. Or coding. Or carpentry.

Now’s their chance.

While you could certainly structure this project a lot more, scaffolding like mad and making very specific check-in points, I think now might be the moment for simplicity. Distance learning has put us all into situations we never expected, including our students. So keep things loose for them. Let them pursue a dream and tell you about it, without too many guidelines and grades.

You’ll find a simple explanation and assignment in this Google Drive resource. The example projects and mission guidelines are editable. You can add pages from there as you wish.

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