Monday, November 28, 2022

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “COMPOUND WORDS Digital Activity With Google Slides™”

by Sweet Integrations - Sandy Cangelosi
3rd Grade

Making compounds with Google Slides is a neat way to be more interactive as students learn new words. In this fun unit, I’ve provided 5 different activities. Students will use different tools in Google Slides to complete the activities. Most of these activities are self-check.

In this product:

- Students will grab different images that will combine to make a compound word.

- Students will drag the correct word from a list to form a compound word.

- Students will draw lines from one word to another to form a compound word.

- Students will use the highlighter tool to divide compound words.

- Students will use the highlighter tool to highlight the compound words in a paragraph.

In the download, you can click on the link and then be prompted to make a copy of the activity. You can make a copy for each student.

Click on the link for a 2 slide preview. CLICK HERE


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