Sunday, July 9, 2023

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREE Row of 4 Printable Game Sheet | Creative Writing Prompts | High School”

by Pagecraft ELA
7th - 10th Grade

Challenge your high school students to draft more vivid creative writing with this printable Row of 4 grid game sheet, featuring 49 image prompts for describing a beach scene!

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Complete with explanation slideshowmodelling and examples, this pack ends the needs for spoon-feeding vocabulary and sets expectations of independence... with a competitive twist!

Want more? Check out my Winter Row of 4 Printable Game Sheets | Creative Writing Prompts Pack!

This descriptive writing game is designed to encourage middle and high school students to step out of their comfort zones. Many rely on simply using teacher or class-provided word banks and vocabulary lists to write creatively - visual prompts allow students to create their own!

This pack includes the following printables:

  • Three examples of writing on a printable modelling sheet
  • Instructions and examples slideshow
  • 1 giant Row of 4 sheet for students to use in pairs
  • 1 giant Row of 4 sheet for students to use in teams of up to four


  • Students must write a descriptive or narrative piece. The challenge is to use the ideas on the grid in some way, either as part of the plot or the description, marking the images off with counters or in pen and trying to mark off four ideas in a row – vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

  • Students CANNOT mark off ideas before they are down in writing, nor can they use an idea already marked off by another student. They can only claim the idea on the grid once it is down in ink or pencil in their draft.

  • Once a student has achieved four in a row, they gain a point which they can mark on their scoresheet as a tally

  • The student with the most tallies at the end of the writing session is the winner!

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