Thursday, November 30, 2023

FREE MATH LESSON - “Algebra 1 3rd Quarter Spiral Review 1st Week *Freebie*”

by Funrithmetic
8th - 10th Grade

This is a free weekly spiral review (quiz not included) from my Algebra 1 3rd quarter spiral review. Enjoy!

More details about the full product are below:

Don't let your students' learning slip as the year goes by! Embrace the power of spiral review instead! With this rigorous, intentional spiral review, students will keep their skills sharp while practicing new ones as the year goes by. This review will give your students exposure to skills they might otherwise forget. What does this mean? No more cramming for end-of-year test review!

This resource can be used as HOMEWORKDAILY PRACTICETEST-PREP, or daily WARM-UPS! This resource is also perfect for distance learning packets, at-home learning, independent work, and homeschool!

Here's the spiral review for 1st Quarter2nd Quarter, and the 1st Semester!

This bundle includes:

  • 8 weekly spiral reviews that include 25 - 30 questions. Older skills are presented first, and more recent skills are introduced at the bottom of each day's column.
  • 8 weekly quizzes (mostly open-ended, a few multiple-choice sprinkled in)
  • A pacing guide that correlates each week's skills with CCSS standards, making planning easy for you!
  • Answer keys for each spiral review and quiz
  • Instructions on how to use the resource for those who are new to spiral reviews (or if you need a refresher)
  • Ready to print and go pdf file
  • Fully editable PowerPoint file

  • Week 1: Simplify expressions involving zero and negative exponents; use the properties of exponents to rewrite expressions, including radicals and expressions with rational exponents
  • Week 2: Identify, evaluate, and graph exponential functions; compare exponential functions to their parent functions; use a function’s table, equation, or graph to identify key features in a real-world context
  • Week 3: Use and identify exponential growth and decay functions; interpret and rewrite exponential growth and decay functions; construct an exponential function given a graph, a description of the relationship between the variables, or two input-output values (including a table)
  • Week 4: Identify, extend, and graph geometric sequences; write geometric sequences as functions; write terms of recursively defined sequences; write recursive rules for sequences; translate between recursive and explicit rules; write recursive rules for special sequences
  • Week 5: Find degrees of monomials; classify polynomials; add and subtract polynomials; solve-real life problems involving polynomials
  • Week 6: multiply binomials (including using the FOIL method); multiply binomials and trinomials; use the square of a binomial pattern; use the sum and difference pattern; use special product patterns in real-world applications
  • Week 7: Factor x^2+bx+c and ax^2+bx+c; use factoring in real-world applications
  • Week 8: Factor the difference of two squares; factor perfect square trinomials; Factor higher-order polynomials by grouping; rewrite algebraic expressions for polynomials with 4+ terms using grouping

Note: Only 8 weeks of spiral review are included this quarter. This allows time for quarter exams to be given on the last week of the 3rd quarter.

Be sure to follow me as I add more products (including more spiral reviews)!

Thanks and enjoy your new product!

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