Wednesday, November 1, 2023

FREE MISC. LESSON - “TURKEYS! Amazing Turkey Facts! FREEBIE (Interactive Notebook Activity)”

by Gail Hennessey
4th - 8th Grade

Great for INTERACTIVE NOTEBOOKS. Give the students the factoids and have them do one or more of the extension activities.

November is Thanksgiving time and most of us will be celebrating with a turkey dinner. Did you know that the Native American Indians were raising turkey as far back as 1000 A.D.? Did you know that the Aztecs, of Mexico, were raising turkeys even earlier, about 200 B.C.? Did you know that the state of Minnesota raises more turkeys each year than any other state? An estimated 44 million were raised in 2013! Share these fun factoids on the turkey with family and friends!

Check out these resources, too:

Other resources to check out for November:

1. A Visit With Love Brewster: A Pilgrim at Plymouth Colony (A Reader’s Theater Script): A Ms.Bie Ograffee Reader's Theater Script, an interview with Love Brewster, a Pilgrim of Plymouth Colony. Love was an actual member of the 102 Pilgrims that came to America. He was about nine years old. The play includes info on Mayflower, first winter and Thanksgiving feast. Fun facts, Comprehension questions, extension activities, links.

Pilgrims: A Visit with Love Brewster. A Reader's Theater Script

2. Mayflower and Pilgrims: A Webquest: Learn about the Mayflower and the Pilgrims with this informative web quest! There are ten informative text web quests, extension activities, fun facts. Skills include: reading for information and using research/computer skills. Mayflower and Pilgrims: A Webquest

3. Turkeys and Thanksgiving: A Webquest: Want a fun and informative activity to teach your students about the history of Thanksgiving? This webquest has ten informative text questions on the history of Thanksgiving (including the Macy's Day Parade). TURKEY facts, too! Thanksgiving and Turkeys! A Webquest

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