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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Main Idea and Supporting Details Reading Passages with Questions | FREE SAMPLER”

by ESL Lifeline
4th - 7th Grade

Grab these 3 FREE reading comprehension passages taken from my Main Idea and Supporting details BUNDLE! Designed for grades 4-6 and English Language Learners, these printable handouts are perfect for honing main idea and supporting detail skills. The reading passages each teach your students something new, and they all include a set of comprehension checking questions that your students can use to test their understanding of each text.

Assign one passage at a time in your classroom or give all the passages together for a reading homework assignment. Answer keys are provided for easy review. Whether as supplementary material, homework, bell-ringer activities, time-fillers, sub-plans, or whole-class instruction, these FREE reading passages are great fun for your students to practice reading with.

There are three reading passages in this free sampler, each having between 150 and 200 words:

  1. The Curious Red Planet, a non-fiction passage about the Curiosity Rover on Mars.
  2. Lights, Camera, Action!, a fiction passage on the life of a film fanatic.
  3. A Number-crunching Companion, a fiction passage about a calculator, trial and error, and dedication.


There are three resources included in the Bundle:

  1. Main idea and Supporting Details Short Stories: Volume 1
  2. Main Idea and Supporting Details Short Stories: Volume 2
  3. Main Idea and Supporting Details Short Stories: Volume 3

In the Bundle, you'll get a mixture of Fiction & Non-Fiction Passages, and students will practice…

  • …sequencing events from a story.
  • …answering true or false, fill-in-the-blank, and multiple-choice questions.
  • …identifying main idea statements.
  • …explaining events and ideas of a text.
  • …referring to specific information from a text.
  • …determining a central idea of a text.

Each of the 30 reading passage in the bundle comes with a short extension activity, promoting productive use of the reading material. From creating posters and brochures to fiction and journal writing, these activities cater to diverse learning preferences. Ideal for multi-level classrooms, the extension tasks enhance the overall learning experience!

With the bundle, you can choose from five different ways to use the reading passages:

  1. on individual pages with comprehension questions attached
  2. on tasks cards, where you can get students reading in stations.
  3. via pre-keyed PowerPoint presentations where the stories can be displayed to larger groups with answers appearing with the click of a button
  4. using the interdependent handouts for cooperative learning strategies
  5. online with Google Slides

This FREE SAMPLER package includes a PDF file that can be opened using your preferred PDF reader. Answer keys are included as well for the three passages.

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