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FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “EARTH DAY FREEBIE: Possible Interactive Notebook Activity”

by Gail Hennessey
4th - 9th Grade

Check out my Interactive Notebook Activity Freebie on Earth Day Fun Facts. Includes several extension activities, links for teachers.

You may find these resources of interest:

1. Exploring the Ocean Blue: A Web quest, will introduce students to our oceans. There are nine informative web questions. Fun Facts, comprehension questions,extension activities and links are also provided as is the key. Can be used as part of a unit on oceans, for Earth Day, World Ocean Day or as an activity for a Friday, before a vacation break or as an end of the year activity. This can be a one day class resource or used for a couple of days depending on whether the activities(creative writing/art work/online simulation games, etc.) are used with the students.Exploring the Ocean Blue: A Webquest/Activities

2. Studying the ocean? Looking for a resource for Earth Day or World Ocean Day? Introduce your students to Jacques Cousteau with this informative Reader's Theater Script. Oceanographer, photographer, scientist, inventor, writer and filmmaker, Cousteau spent his life studying the oceans and the marine life that lived in the oceans. His books and films on his studies sparked much interest in our oceans and created an awareness about the need for marine conservation.

Jacques Cousteau: A Reader's Theater Script

3. Check out my web quest on The Blue Planet: NOT JUST FOR EARTH DAY.Learn about the history of Earth Day and, our planet, EARTH, with informative web quest. There are 14 web questions as well as comprehension questions and a Did You Know? fun fact section. The teacher page includes extension activities, the key, and additional links: The Blue Planet: A Webquest(Great for Earth Day)

4. Antarctica!Geographical web quest which introduces kids to the continent of Antarctica. There are 10 web quests, 14 Did You Know? facts, comprehension questions, a teacher page with a number of extension activities, additional links and key.https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Antarctica-A-Webquest-2389374</a> Check out my Arctic Geographic web quest, too!

4. Geographical web quest which introduces kids to the region of the Earth known as the Arctic. There are 14 web quests(with lots of information in the questions), Did You Know? facts, comprehension questions(including several "thought question"), a teacher page with a number of extension activities, additional links and key. https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Arctic-Learn-about-the-ArcticWebquest-Distance-Learning-2889672

5. Learn about Rachel Carson with this Reader's Theater Script: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Rachel-Carson-A-Readers-Theater-Script-3071478?st=09d45b1cfc736fdc8714f0a5b8573474

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