Tuesday, November 1, 2016

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Free Inferences Activities and Games”

by Erica Warren
5th - 12th Grade

This free download offers a sample of a 60 page down-loadable workbook that is also available as a hardcopy. Enjoyable, multisensory activities and games assist students in understanding the complexities of inferences/implied meaning. First, implications are taught through visuals. Later, students interpret product names, slogans, metaphors and even play an inference game. Eventually, students work on the hidden message in sentences. This workbook also offers a hidden message embedded in the activities. For example, visuals and slogans are presented that guide the audience toward kind actions, healthy living, and awareness of some injustices we around the world. 

Much of our students energy does unnoticed. However, by offering activities and assignments that have a positive message, we can inspire action and compassion. Students love to be recognized, so let us show them how they can pay it forward.

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