Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thanksgiving Recipe Swap

Don’t you just love the aroma of turkey roasting in the oven? Sometimes I think that it smells better than it tastes. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Since Thanksgiving is the time for savory, mouth watering delights, how about having your class participate in a favorite recipe swap. This will get them ready for the holiday and have some fun while doing it.

Introduce this activity by talking about foods eaten for the holidays such as Easter, Yom Kippur, Chinese New Year,Thanksgiving Christmas, etc. Write all suggestions on the board. After this is finished, let them know that they will be participating in a recipe swap. Ask them to choose their favorite Thanksgiving recipe, write it down, and make up questions about it. I've come up with blank recipe cards as well as question and answer cards. By the way, you should make a copy of your favorite recipe too.

When the anticipated day arrives, they can break into their collaborative groups, have one child read their recipe, and then ask questions about it. Make sure you have enough time so that everyone can participate.

Collect the recipes and photocopy them so that each child has a copy. If this is too tedious, have the children choose the recipes that they like the best and have them copy them on the cards. Once finished, they can be stapled together and put into a little booklet that can be taken home and shared with their families.

As a culmination to this activity, and if time permits, have a tasting party, let each child bring in their favorite dish. if you decide to do this, you can let your class decorate festive placemats for the occasion.

*Turkey image by: Sticky Foot Studio

Thanksgiving Recipe Swap
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