Tuesday, December 6, 2016

FREE MATH LESSON - “Second Grade Math Assessment”

by The Education Highway
1st - 2nd Grade

A free assessment for second grade students. There are 24 questions that meet the following attainments:

2.NBT.1 Understanding Place Value 
2.NBT.2 Count within 1,000, skip counting, count on, comes between
2.NBT.3 Using expanded notion , read and write numbers within 1,000
2.NBT.5 Add and subtract within 100
2.NBT.8 Mentally add 10 or 100 to a given number
1.OA.7 Determine if an equation is true or false
2.OA.2 Add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies
2.OA.3 Determine whether a set of objects is even or odd; equations

Snowmen and Gingerbread men theme

For more everyday math for second graders you can purchase the complete packet. Included is another set of assessment questions from my TpT store 

Everyday Math Work Gingerbread theme
Happy Learning,
Celeste DiDonato
The Education Highway

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