Friday, December 30, 2016

STEAM - Biomimicry for Young Children - Animals in Snow

By Sparking Children's Thinkibility 
Grades: Kindergarten -4th, homeschooling,  Biology, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking

Animals do the most amazing things in the snow. Some of the things they do can be used to design cities and jumping robots.

Lessons about biomimicry require a brave approach to teaching since there is a move away from an approach where teachers are asking questions and looking for quick answers. Instead, young learners are given an opportunity to shape and explore their own ideas. Biomimicry and bioinspiration are constantly evolving and new ideas are explored to solve problems and designing innovations.

The booklet contains the following animals
Fox, Polar Bear, Squirrel, Seal, Reindeer/Caribou

1. Introduction to biomimicry
2. Fox observations
3. When is it good not to be seen?
4. Design something that makes you almost invisible
5. Fox mousing robot
6. Squirrels have great paws
7. Snow digging machine
8. My snow city
9. Polar bears are fascinating
10. Feet like a polar bear
11. Picture inspiration - polar bear challenge
12. Acrostic poem
13. What if I was a seal? Invent a wet suit or a . . .
14. Whiskers
15. Whiskers - story writing
16. I am in awe of caribou because. . .
17. Chasing a thief challenge
18. Eyes that change color
19. Observation cards
20. How to use biomimicry in the classroom
21. Links and book tips
22. 2 posters

Link to STEAM - Biomimicry for Young Children - Animals in Snow

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