Thursday, January 5, 2017

Growth Mindset - Be a Mindset Detective & Banne

By Sparking Children's Thinkibility 
Grades: 1st -5th, homeschooling,  Life skills, Study Skills, For all subjects

Growth mindset is about more than simply believing that “you can succeed and solve problems if you just try harder”. It is about growth and not just about effort.

This booklet encourages students to think dive into what mindset is about. Question asking is a great way to encourage students to reflect and be active artcipants in their learning. The worksheets are based upon questions and there are also question cards.

Make a banner with Pelican and Pelican't pages. There is also a page in the banner where the students can add their own ideas. Color as well as black/white versions of the banner is included.

The package contains.
1. Question cards
2. What is growth mindset?
3. What is fixed mindset?
4. Listen to the growth mindset voice
5.What if. . .
6. Say yes!
7.Letter to a Future Student
8. Brain-stretching
9. How can you make your brain grow?
10. What does growth mindset feel like?
11. Mind hug
12. Write a comic - Pelican & Pelican't
13. Pelican & Pelican't story
14. Pelican & Pelican't Banner color and black/white versions


Link to Growth Mindset - Be a Mindset Detective & Banner

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