Friday, March 17, 2017

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “The an Word Family: Phonics and Writing Fundamentals”

by Ms Joanne
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

This Phonics and Writing resource helps students master the "an" word family while also practicing basics such as letter formation and sentence writing. It contains the following components:

A mini-stories to introduce the an family AAA Acrobat eats a NNN Nut and all his friends say, "an".

An Audio Versions of the story Students can independently listen to the story on a computer or tablet. Note: Audio will only play if the file is opened in Adobe Reader - the audio does not work in Preview. To play on an I-pad the app ezPDF Reader is needed.

Illustrated Word Wall Contains 10 "an" words to be posted in the classroom as a reference tool and to be used for literacy center activities.

Printing Practice Practices upper and lower case "a" and "n". There is also a sentence with "an" words to trace and students draw a picture to match the sentence to practice reading and visualization.

Word Work 2 pages practicing onsets, rimes, reading and spelling.

Sentence Writing 2 Pages:
1. Students choose 3 words from the an family, draw a picture of it and write a sentence with the word. High frequency words are also included on the page. This activity is especially helpful in getting reluctant or struggling writers to write a complete sentence, while allowing more capable students to write to their ability.
2. Students are given a page with a picture of a man and a van and create a sentence using those words and the picture as inspiration.

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