Monday, May 22, 2017

STEM - Be a Rabbit Detective - Life Cycle, Biomimicry, Inspiration for Ideas

By: Sparking Children’s Thinkibility
Grades Kindergarten-4th Science, Visual Arts, Critical Thinking

Rabbits are fluffy with long ears but they are also tremendously interesting. Popular pets and wonderful inspiration for new ideas and innovations!

This package contains:
1. Cards
2. Can you identify the different stages?
3. Fun facts
4. Rabbit Poem
5. What makes an animal a mammal?
6. Mammal or Non-Mammal - What do you think?
7. Rabbit words - make your own dictionary
8. When is a rabbit a rabbit and not a hare?
9. What do rabbits eat?
10. Ask the rabbit Sparkling Questions
11. Describe rabbit
12. Story writing prompt
13. Excited about jumping!
14. Draw Rabbits
15.Invent a jumping robot or. . .
16. What if you were trapped in a cage with no friends or toys to play with?
17. Use rabbits' ears as inspiration.
18. Reflection - assessment
19. How to use biomimicry in the classroom
Link to the STEM - Be a Rabbit Detective - Life Cycle, Biomimicry, Inspiration for Ideas

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