Monday, September 10, 2018

September Teacher Talk

Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern

It's September Teacher Talk Time.....Hopefully everyone is off to a great school year with the best classes ever.  We have so many great tips and ideas for you from awesome educators. Be sure to take a look at what everyone has to say.

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A Teachable Moment in History
 I remember September 11 as if it were yesterday. I woke up to a  spectacular morning, not a cloud in the deep blue sky. The day was simply perfect. 
Finding Life Mentors in Mentor Texts
I've been thinking a lot about mentor text lately. Mentor Text. Another piece of education-speak. Sounds official, important, and perhaps a bit daunting for a new teacher or a seasoned one like me, who may not have attended a training or researched  the term. The first time I heard the term, it sent me running to Google for a definition. I found that mentor text is a piece of literature that teachers and students can study, imitate, and apply to other texts and for different purposes.
Once Upon a Time...Slaying Dragons and Story Problems
By Tracy Willis of Wild Child Designs
Tackling story problems with kids can feel like trying to slay a dragon. This post describes an approach that has worked for me. Get ready to teach math like a reading teacher!
Info, Info, Read All About It
Travel brochures highlight the features of each California region. Using researched information, this beautiful project focuses on a specific region.
The Hidden Power of a Classroom Read Aloud
Find the hidden powers of a great classroom read aloud and increase student engagement in reading, writing, and social studies.
Within Within (Words Within Words)
The beauty of spelling with letter tiles is that the “outcome” isn’t permanent. Kids aren’t afraid to stretch their spelling acumen by experimenting with letter tiles. Students hear teachers say “Mistakes are OK, you learn from your mistakes.” We all know that’s true and we wish to impart this wisdom to the children, in the hopes that they will embrace this perspective. However, kids still don’t like to make mistakes. With tiles it’s different. Tile spelling seems more like play, and the letters are easily moved to make adjustments to correct a word.
Here's Help with Five Confusing Words
The words who's or whose and their, there, or they’re are frequently confused and used incorrectly. Here are some tips to help you use them correctly.
Sock It Away! What to do with Those Annoying Cell Phones in the Classroom
Most of us can't live without our cell phones. Unfortunately, neither can our students. I teach on the college level, and my syllabus states that all cell phones are to be put on "silent" or turned off when class is in session. Sounds good, doesn't it? Yet, one of the most common sounds in today's classrooms is the ringing of a cell phone, often accompanied by some ridiculous tune or sound effect that broadcasts to everyone a call is coming in. What can a teacher do?
How Emma Learned to Read
Read this different story about Emma's first learning experience.
Do you know Yuyi Morales?
Get to know Yuyi MOrales! She's an amazing author and illustrator.

Teaching Children to Help with Household Chores 
5 Steps to Embrace Personal Responsibility: 1. Motivating Your Child

Ultimate Teacher Self Care
Teacher self care includes physical things like proper rest, as well as financial matters - like saving for the summer. Learn tips to save for the summer.

Letters Ff, Tt, Rr and Ii of 26 Letters in 26 Days
By Beth Coogle of Coogle It
Take a look inside my kindergarten classroom to see how we are learning the alphabet. This blog shows activities and photos for letters F, T, R, and I. STEM, literacy stations, and small group instruction is included.


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