Thursday, November 8, 2018

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Package: Christmas reader's theater and choral readings”

by Kathleen Applebee
3rd - 9th Grade

Choral reading and reader’s theater are excellent ways to build reading fluency and expression. Multiple readings help build comprehension and hide scripture away in the heart. 

The following Power Points and scripts (.PDF and Word.doc) are based on Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2.

The Birth of Jesus narration is a 7 page, 6 scene script written at the 4.6 reading level. The Birth of Jesus perspectives script is told from eye witness viewpoints, is 6 pages, 6 scenes and written on the 5.6 reading level. 

Angels Announce the Good News - A nine slide power point choral reading based on Luke 2:8-18. Roles: Narrator, Angel, Shepherds (male voices, Angels (Female voices)

Celebrate a new year - This 7 slide power point is a choral reading based on Colossians 3 for two solo voices and the audience. Putting on a new self in the image of the Creator makes for godly resolutions every day of the year.

The Announcement is a 13 slide presentation of Luke 1: 26-38, Gabriel’s announcement to Mary concerning the birth of Jesus. Roles for Gabriel, Mary, a narrator and some audience participation with echoing.

Mary and Elizabeth choral reading is based on Luke 1: 39-56. Mary and Elizabeth rejoice about their personal blessings which will in time bless the entire world. Thirteen slides with roles for Mary, Elizabeth, a narrator and audience participation.

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