Sunday, February 17, 2019

FREE MATH LESSON - “FREE Reading and Writing 3-Digit Numbers (Standard, Expanded, and Word Form)”

by Blair Turner
2nd - 3rd Grade

Students need lots of practice learning to write numbers in standard, expanded, and word form. This activity will help students learn to read and write numbers in all 3 forms and deepen their understanding of place value. 

-27 Differentiated/Leveled Cards with 3-digit numbers shown using base-10 blocks
-9 Level 1 Cards: No zeros used as place holders.
-9 Level 2 Cards: Zeros used as place holders in the tens or ones places.
-9 Level 3 Cards: Students will need to regroup the blocks in the picture to determine the number. (Example: 2 hundreds, 12 tens, 5 ones)
-"Write it 3 Ways" Page with 3-column chart for each level
-Answer Keys for each set of cards

If you are looking for an easy way to help your struggling students with place value concepts, while also challenging students who catch on quickly, check out this free download. 

This product uses the vocabulary standard form, word form, and expanded form. The new CCSS use the following terminology - base-ten numeral in place of standard form, and number name in place of word form. If you would like to download the SAME product with the Common Core vocabulary, please click {HERE} to visit my blog and download it for free!

© Blair Turner 2013

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