Saturday, October 24, 2020

FREE MISC. LESSON - “I am thankful for... MATH! An after Thanksgiving math and writing activity!”

by MissMathDork
3rd - 8th Grade

The day after Thanksgiving break is always a bit crazy. The kiddos have been out for a few days and the need for normalcy is high. Our school often has many absences on the Monday afterward and teaching a new concept isn't always in the cards. This is one of my absolute favorite activities!

First, students brainstorm how they used math over their break. Their immediate first response is "I didn't use math over my break". Then we have a conversation about how math is hidden in everything we do - cooking, sports, time, temperature, shopping, money, etc. Once the kids start thinking about everything small that could be math, their brains start to flow. After getting their ideas approved (and often prodded for more details) They get their turkey and their colorful feathers (one for each mathematical task they, or someone in their family, completed over break). After cutting out the feathers, they glue or tape them onto the turkey, then they write each task on a feather. The larger the turkey the more mathematical (or at least creative) the student was over break!


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