Sunday, March 21, 2021

Comma Sense

By All-American Teacher Tools
4th - 7th grades

When I taught 7th grade language arts, my students had a horrible time inserting commas in their correct locations.  Scroll back about 40 years to my freshman college English comp class - the professor warned us that he did his doctoral thesis on the comma.  Say what??  We took that as a warning.  I never had a misplaced comma again!

So, I developed a relatively easy way to remember where commas go - this is the abbreviated elementary version so young authors can understand the intricacies of comma usage!  I hope this helps your students, as well.  

Click here:

(OK, I sorta stole Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon" for my image - but I bet you're singing that in your head right now!)

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