Monday, March 22, 2021

Teacher Talk March 2021

 Posted by Deann Marin of Socrates Lantern 

Welcome to our March Teacher Talk.  All of us from the Teacher Talk collaborative would like wish you a happy and prosperous spring.  We have so many fab tips this month from Math, ELA and reading ideas, to High interest learning and our featured author for the month, you don't want to miss reading these blog posts from some awesome educators.

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Coffea for Mental Health (Restlessness)

Can you imagine coffee to be an alternative medicine that supports and improves mental health? 


Greet Students with the Arts

Suggestions for a kinder, more gentle way to welcome students back to class this Spring.

Let's Hear it for the Women!

Although March is designated as Women's History Month, we obviously learn about women who have made a difference throughout the year. This was a quick and easy group assignment: Women's History posters.


5 Renewable Energy Sources: The Pros and Cons Simplified

Do you want to learn more about renewable energy sources? Read about the pros and cons in a simplified way!

The Gift: Cancelled By Culture

I learned that cultures are complicated, but they do have profound effects.. My small touch cannot alter very much, but, hopefully, being able to read will open doors for them when they do knock.

How to Make Earth Day Relevant in the Classroom

Learn 6 easy ideas to increase the relevance of Earth Day.

3 Tips on Using Blog Posts Correctly

Learn to use apostrophes correctly. Never use an apostrophe to make a noun plural.


Attitude Really IS Everything: Encouraging Students to Own Their Attitudes

Attitude really is everything - instill this in students!


Picture Books for Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is HUGE in my class and here are some of my favorites with a few tips on how to use them in your classroom.


Photos into Cartoons

My current post is about turning photos into cartoons and using it in my blog and my Jamboard lessons when I return to work from spring break vacation.

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