Sunday, July 16, 2017

Formulating Questions

by Kathy Babineau
Grades 1-4

Formulating Questions

Many of my students with language disorders have difficulty formulating questions.  This kit contains 45 answer cards (with colorful pictures) and 45 question cards.  To prepare this product, Simply print, cut apart and laminate the cards.  There are several ways to use this card set. 
Option #1:  Present the answer cards to students, and ask them to come up with logical questions to match the answer cards.  The point is to try to generate questions using correct form and question type.  There will be many possible correct questions to each “answer”.  Cue or prompt verbally and/or show the “Words That Begin Questions” mini-poster visual included with this product.  Kids can give answers verbally or for more practice or to make this an independent activity, they can write out the questions in a notebook or on whiteboards.
Option #2:  Use the question and answer cards together using a matching format.  To do this, place cards face up on the table (or face down if you want to use a game format), and ask the child to find logical matches with question and answer cards.  Because there are so many cards, it may be easier to present 10 at a time, but that is your choice.
Option #3:  Present the question cards to students and ask them to generate logical answers.  This was not the original intent of the product, but it can be used this way.  Since I usually have groups of kids with a variety of language goals, this allows for some flexibility in targeting goals and addressing asking and answering questions.
 There are some answer cards that may match multiple question cards and vice versa.  Use your own discretion for acceptable answers.  For example, the question card “Where did the man put his money?” could match the answer cards “in his pocket” or “on the top shelf”.  An answer key is included to show the intended question and answer matches, although you can be flexible with this.   

Thanks for checking it out!

Kathy Babineau MS, CCC-SLP
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