Monday, September 25, 2017

By: Sparking Children’s Thinkibility
Grades 1st-4th Biology, Other (Science), Critical Thinking

Tackle the most extreme places on Earth.

How do animals and plants cope with such extreme cold conditions that are found there?
Why is it so cold?
And how cold is it?

This package contains:
Introduction to the unit. What we know, What we think we know, What we want to know.
1. An icy Adventure! What is the Arctic? What is the Antarctic?
2. What is underneath all the ice? Make a tally
3. Facts about the Arctic and Antarctic?
4. What animals live in the Arctic and Antarctic?
5. Will we ever meet? Polar Bears and Penguins
6. Ask the snow hare questions about the Arctic.
7. Ask the leopard seal questions about the Antarctic.
8. Brr - Temperature in the Arctic and the Antarctic
9. No trees!
10. Really, really cold! Why is it so cold in the Arctic and the Antarctic?
11. The Land of the Midnight Sun - pros, cons and interesting things
12. Story writing
13.What can you do to keep warm?
14. What can animals do to keep warm?
15. Footprints in the snow
16. Story writing - plan your story
18. Study an animal and invent something
19. Feel inspired by penguins actions
20.Some interesting things that I have learned
21. Ideas for crafts

Link to the STEM Be an Arctic and Antarctic Detective - Sparkling Fun and Facts
One biomimicry activity includes using penguins as inspiration for new ideas. Why not make a diving robot out of play-doh?

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