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It's TEACHER TALK'S Featured Author
September 2017
Gini Musmanno

Reading Spotlight

As an English teacher whose students could not read, I went back to school to become a reading specialist. Three years in high school, ten years in middle school, and seventeen years in elementary schools were spent in a district with very high poverty. Now that I am retired and have had time to reflect, I feel that it was, other than family, the most rewarding experience of my life.

My Resources

At the Reading Spotlight, I create enjoyable, research-based, practice materials for reading and writing improvement. One of my favorite resources is my free Self-Help Tests that encourage students to take some responsibility for their own learning (mindfulness!) and provide practical suggestions for ways to improve. This is one of them:

Another favorite is a set of Audience Participation Plays that improve listening skills. Kids REALLY enjoy these plays with simple, group parts and no-prep for teachers. They improve student listening abilities, too! You can find one below. 

Some of my best-selling resources are  Bingo games to teach phonics, word family, and difficult cluster decoding skills. This is one of them:

Where can you find me?

TBOTEMC’s Teacher Talk and its members have been very helpful and encouraging, s
tarting from the top with Vicky.   I have spent all of my time and energy helping kids, and our district had very little money for training. I am mostly self-taught in computing, with large gaps, and EVERY single person has been greatly supportive.

You can find me and Reading Spotlight at the links below! Stop by and visit!

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