Friday, December 8, 2017

My Personal Dictionary: 90 High Frequency Sight Words

By: Laurie Fyke @ Primarily Learning
Preschool – Grade 2

Check it out! What a GREAT word work resource for teachers using Jolly Phonics, or any other reading program!

This dictionary contains:
         90 high frequency sight words, (the Jolly Phonics “tricky words’ are bold),
        11 color words (choose grey or gray),
        number words to 12, and
        84 high frequency nouns with graphics to represent them.

Format and Use:
        There are two 14 page personal dictionaries included. 
              One dictionary is in full color (p. 3-16). 
              One dictionary has black and white graphics (p. 17-30).
        The student is encouraged to add words to the dictionary that he/she finds difficult to spell or read.
        Idea: Ask the students to highlight, or put a mark beside, each word that they can spell/read independently…including the ones they have added.
        Includes Common Core Standards K-3.
        Print double-sided…flip on the short edge.

• A few of the words can be sounded out, (e.g. a, sister, us) but some children may need this reference. 
• Most of the words use the alternate spellings that must be taught. (e.g. to, me, go, came, back, little)
• Some of the word are confusing because they are homophones. (e.g. for, four; to two too)
• Some of the words use the schwa sound. (e.g. mother)
• Some of the words are simply tricky to read or spell! (e.g. does, saw)

* These words do not follow the rules and must be learned with a  ”look and say” approach. 

Have fun learning!

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