Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sound Cards - Easily identify, and use vowels, digraphs, and consonants.

By: Laurie Fyke @ Primarily Learning
Preschool – Grade 2

The vowels. consonants and digraphs are separated so that they may be printed on different colors of paper for easy identification. Use them to play games, sort, match and identify letters and sounds!  Create words!  Check them out now!

Sound Cards
Use these consonant, vowel and digraph cards:
•           as flash cards to check the child’s letter-sound recognition. 
•           to play match-up games.
•           as home study cards once the sounds have been taught.
•           to create new words on a pocket chart or flat surface (reading).
•           to identify sounds in words (writing).
•           to assess letter-sound knowledge.

Some Suggestions: 
Double-side the vowel and consonant cards so that lowercase letters are on one side and upper case letters are on the other side.  Copy the vowels on one color of cover stock, the consonants on a second color and the digraphs are on a third color.   

Pair up the short and long vowel cards… /a, e, i, o, u/  and /ai, ee, ie, oa, ue/.  Talk about how it doesn’t take any longer to say an /a/ than an /ai/ …but… if you put your palms together and then move them apart as you say the sound, your hands will stop sooner for the short vowel sounds…the long vowels sounds must have two letters!

A fantastic  word work resource for teachers using Jolly Phonics,  Reading Specialists, Title 1 Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Classroom Teachers,  Homeschool and Parents.
Have fun learning!

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