Tuesday, July 30, 2019

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Project Based Learning: Save the Monarchs FREE SAMPLE”

by Sweet Integrations
3rd - 5th Grade

SAVE THE MONARCH BUTTERFLIES Enjoy a sample of the complete unit This beautiful migrating butterfly is quickly diminishing. After students gather information about the monarch, they can come up with their own ideas for SAVING THE MONARCHS. This PBL is filled with engaging activities, videos, and a Powerpoint about Monarchs.

This PBL unit incorporates 21st Century skills with challenging, engaging, and creative activities. There are lots of opportunity for differentiation and technology integration.

The complete unit Project Based Learning: Save the Monarchs

In the complete unit:
PowerPoint about monarch butterflies and vocabulary
QR Codes to videos (one of the QR Codes is a song. I wouldn’t recommend it for older students.)
Parts of a butterfly
Crossword puzzle
I Wonder
Monarchs reading passage
Monarch Sightings table
Monarch Research guide
Mapping the migration
Butterfly Waystation (habitat) and grid
Graphic Organizer
Monarch Research report
Video Commercial
PicCollage with sample
Monarch Butterfly craft and facts with pictures
A Bit More… Additional resources and activities 
Google Slides for research - (Replace the last part "edit?usp=sharing" with the word "copy" 
You can just put your cursor at the end of the URL and hit delete up until the forward slash. Then type the word "copy" and hit enter.)
I Can Help
My Reflections

** Teachers, you can decide the order you wish to implement the unit. You may want some students to do some of the easier activities and others to do more research and problem-solving. They can easily work in groups during this project.

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**Note: Activities can easily be adapted for enrichment or gifted students in other grade levels.
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