Sunday, September 1, 2019

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Homophones Class Book or Center Activity ~~FREE~~”

by Rachel Lynette
2nd - 4th Grade

Here is a fun and challenging activity to do with your whole class:

Assign each student a pair of homophones. You can find a good list here and a more extensive list here. You may want to assign several homophones per student. For those in need of a bigger challenge, use the second sheet which requires three homophone sets (e.g.: buy, by, bye)

Students will need one half-sheet for each set of homophones. They will use the rounded boxes to write each homophone. On the lines below, they write one sentence using both homophones and underline the homophones. Here are some examples:

o Can you see those birds flying by the sea?

o The maid made the beds and dusted the furniture.

Students can use the blank space to illustrate their sentences. They may also want to color the word, "Homophones." Make sure they remember to sign their names.

If you do not want to include an illustration, use the fourth-sheets.

Collect all of the pages and either use them for a bulletin board or make them into a class book. Another option is to let each student make his or her own book. Use at a center by providing blank pages and a homophone list. 

Happy Teaching,

Rachel Lynette

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