Sunday, April 17, 2022

FREE SCIENCE LESSON - “Osmosis Diffusion Lab: The Effect of Concentration on the Rate of Diffusion”

by Amy Brown Science
8th - 12th Grade

No unit on cell structure and function is complete without comprehensive lessons on cellular transport. Students need a solid understanding of osmosis, diffusion, concentration gradients, solute concentrations, hypertonic and hypotonic solutions, active and passive transport, etc. This classic lab explores how the solute concentration gradient affects the rate of diffusion and osmosis. Students will quantitatively determine the rate of diffusion, graph the data, and use the graph to predict the answers to new questions.

This biology lab is perfect for biology or life science students in grades 8-12

PURPOSE: This experiment will explore the concentration gradient by measuring the rate of diffusion in a number of theoretical cells.

The objectives for this lab are:

  • To define concentration gradient
  • To explain experimental data concerning different concentration gradients
  • To complete a data table and prepare a graph to illustrate the data
  • To apply information from this experiment to other related problems.

MATERIALS: 6 pieces of dialysis tubing, sucrose solutions of varying concentrations, String, Balance, 6 beakers or plastic cups, Stopwatch

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