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FREE MATH LESSON - “Math Interactive Notebook Cover”

by Love Learning
Kindergarten - 5th Grade

This Math Interactive Notebook Cover is perfect for any math classroom!

  • Simply print and glue onto a math composition notebook, spiral notebook, or a math folder!

Check out the links below for 5th Grade Math Interactive Notebooks:

Operations and Algebraic Thinking Interactive Notebook

1. Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers 5.NBT.B.5

2. Find Whole-Number Quotients (Standard, Partial-Product, and Area Model) 5.NBT.B.6

3. Use Parentheses, Brackets, and Braces in Numerical Expressions 5.OA.A.1

4. Write and Interpret Simple Expressions 5.OA.A.2

5. Generate Numerical Patterns and Form Ordered Pairs 5.OA.B.3

Fractions Interactive Notebook

1. Add and Subtract Fractions with Unlike Denominators 5.NF.A.1

2. Solve Word Problems 5.NF.A.2

3. Interpret Fractions as Division 5.NF.B.3

4. Multiply a Fraction by a Fraction or Whole Number 5.NF.B.4

5. Find the Area of a Rectangle Using Fractional Side Lengths 5.NF.B.4.B

6. Interpret Multiplication as Scaling 5.NF.B.5

7. Divide Unit Fractions and Whole Numbers 5.NF.B.7

8. ALSO includes review pages for: Factors, Multiplies, Simplifying Fractions, and Changing Improper Fractions and Mixed Numbers

Geometry Interactive Notebook

1. Define a Coordinate System 5.G.A.1

2. Solve Real World Problems by Graphing on a Coordinate Plane 5.G.A.2

3. Understand the Attributes of Two-Dimensional Figures and Their Subcategories 5.G.B.3

4. Classify Two-Dimensional Figures in a Hierarchy 5.G.B.4

Measurement and Data Interactive Notebook

1. Convert Different Measurement Units and Solve Real World Problems 5.MD.A.1

2. Make Line Plots to Display Different Sets of Fraction Measurements 5.MD.B.2

3. Recognize Volume of Solid Figures 5.MD.C.3

4. Measure Volume by Counting Unit Cubes 5.MD.C.4

5. Apply the Formula for Volume 5.MD.C.5

6. Recognize Volume as Additive 5.MD.C.5.C

Decimals Interactive Notebook

1. Recognize Multi-Digit Numbers in Base 10 - 5.NBT.A.1

2. Explain Patterns in Number of Zeros by Powers of 10 – 5.NBT.A.2

3. Read, Write, and Compare Decimals – 5.NBT.A.3

4. Use Place Value to Round Decimals – 5.NBT.A.4

5. Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide Decimals – 5.NBT.B.7


Do you want your students to Love ❤️ Learning Math?

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• Math Interactive Notebook Bundle

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