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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Fairy Tale Anagram Puzzles Freebie (with Hints)”

by Impossible Things Learning
4th - 9th Grade

These Fairy Tale Anagram Puzzles are both fun and challenging! Perfect for late elementary school through early high school, they make ideal early finisher activities for students who complete their work before their classmates are done. They're also a wonderful addition if you are teaching a unit on fairy tales or need something that your study block students can work on. There are three puzzles in this sample set.

Each puzzle contains a passage from the beginning of a different fairy tale. The passage contains five to six anagrams for them to solve, which are spaced throughout the story. To make each anagram, I have taken an original word from the story and replaced it with two shorter words from the scrambled letters of the original word. These pairs of shorter words are written in all caps followed by a blank. For each of these pairs, students must re-arrange the letters of the two shorter words to make one new, longer word (the original word from the story). They then fill in the blanks with their answers to unscramble the puzzle. To help them get started, the first letter of each solution is provided for them as a hint.

This Set Includes Puzzles Based on the Following Fairy Tales:

  • The Golden Bird by the Brothers Grimm
  • The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen
  • Sinbad the Sailor from the Arabian Nights

Have ten minutes free at the end of a class? A colleague of mine loves to divide her students into teams and then let the teams race to see which team can finish their puzzle the quickest. She also offers a bonus point to the team who finishes first to sweeten the deal. She says her students really get into it!

How Your Students Benefit from These Puzzles:

  • increasing their reading, critical thinking, and reasoning skills
  • exploring classic fairy tales
  • seeing words used in context
  • building their anticipation skills as they use the surrounding text to help them solve each anagram
  • cultivating much-needed persistence as they try different options before arriving at the correct answer
  • taking a fun break from their normal routine

To view the full sets of Fairy Tale Anagram puzzles (that these samples are taken from), click on the links below:

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⭐ Fairy Tale Anagram Puzzles (Set 2 with Hints): More Brothers Grimm

⭐ Fairy Tale Anagram Puzzles (Set 3 with Hints): Hans Christian Andersen

⭐ Fairy Tale Anagram Puzzles (Set 4 with Hints): Arabian Nights

Want to buy all four sets of my Fairy Tale Puzzles together at a discount? Be sure to check out this money-saving bundle:

⭐ Fairy Tale Anagram Puzzles (with Hints) BUNDLE

Like the idea of anagram reading puzzles, but want to have a differentiated option for more advanced readers? I have also created several sets on a higher reading level based on literary classics:

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Still not challenging enough? For the most advanced students (advanced placement or even college level), I also have a set of extra-challenging puzzles:

⭐ Extra-Challenging Literary Classics Anagram Puzzles (with Hints)

I hope you enjoy using these puzzles with your students!

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