Wednesday, May 10, 2023

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “ck Phonics Reading FREE Distance Learning Powerpoint Games NO-PREP”

by Little Me Reading
Pre-Kindergarten - 1st Grade

About This Resource:

This presentation introduces the grapheme ck.

Students will practice with the following activities:

1. Blend and Read Students will first try and blend/read 10 ck words (duck, back, pack, pick, sick, sock, sack, tuck, dock, neck). This will help them with their phoneme-grapheme correspondence.

2. Find the Worm Students will blend and read the words to reveal what's inside the apples. (There are 5 worms on each side, split students into 2 teams or do you vs your child. The first team to find all the worms wins.) This will engage students and help them apply their reading skills in a fun way.

3. What's Missing Students will try to memorize 5 focused words (duck, back, sick, sock, neck) and figure out which one is missing each time. This will help them focus and boost their memory. It will also help ESL/EFL students with building vocabulary.

4. Hidden Picture Students will guess the word for the picture and blend/read the word. This will help them with word-picture association and building vocabulary for ESL/EFL student.

5. Review Students will say the sound and blend/read the 5 words again. This will consolidate their phoneme-grapheme correspondence and their blending/reading skills.

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