Monday, May 15, 2023

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Digital Escape Room - The Missing Ice Cream FREEBIE - Digital Learning”

by Sweet Integrations - Sandy Cangelosi
3rd - 4th Grade

Your family loves "I Scream" Ice Cream Truck. It has the best ice cream in the city. One day your family went to the truck and you were told that the ice cream is missing! No one knows where it is. To find the ice cream, you have to solve different puzzles and problems which break open the locks. Once all the locks are open, you can have some delicious ice cream. (FEATURED IN THE TPT NEWSLETTER)

Click HERE to learn about Escape Rooms.

Digital EDUcational Escape Rooms are very similar to scavenger hunts. They involve students to work in teams to use clues to crack multiple locks in a set amount of time. Digital Escapes apply learning in a fun and engaging way. This escape requires students to use a Google Form™ instead of actual locked boxes.

Digital EDUcational Escape Rooms:

• Enhance team-building

• Involve collaboration and communication among students

• Learn skills and content in a fun way

• Enable students to think critically and problem-solve

• Include technology

• Students can learn important standards as they complete these fun, high-interest activities.

• There's NO PREP! Teachers just share the Google Sites link provided.

Buyer Feedback

~ "I had so much fun trying out this escape room. I love the format. You made this escape room so easy for a teacher to implement. It will be perfect for my 5th graders. It will be fun to do on a hot day and then have some nice cold treat at the end. "

~ "This was my first digital escape room. I did this as a whole class and my kiddos LOVED it! I had several ask if I could keep it on Google Classroom so they could do it again at home. WOW! I am definitely purchasing more. THANK YOU!!!!"

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