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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “3rd Grade Word Work Anchor Charts - Free Sample”

by Fairies and Lesson Plans
3rd Grade

This 3rd Grade Word Work Anchor Charts Packet SAMPLE includes 2 weeks of charts.

Please download to see if this resource is a good fit for you and your students!

Stop stressing about your Word Work block! Your whole year of spelling patterns is right here! Just print the B & W charts to make Word Work notebooks for your students, and project the colorful slides to teach the lessons each week!

Every Chart Includes:

  • At least 2 Spelling Patterns
  • Examples
  • Word Lists


*Full-Page B & W*

Print this and add to your students’ Word Study Folders

Create a Word Work Reference Binder

*Full-Page Color*

Project these slides on the board weekly to teach the spelling patterns of the week

*Half-Page B & W*

Cut these in half and have your students glue them in their Word Work Notebooks.

Having the materials you need for your Word Work block takes a load off your shoulders. If you’ve been scrambling to figure out which spelling patterns to teach, when to teach each one, and how to give your students meaningful practice, give my resources a try.


This resource pairs perfectly with my Word Work Activities!

You can use my charts to teach your Word Work lessons, then assign activities for the whole week using my Word Work Activities Packet!

Having the activities is a huge time saver and makes planning your lessons super easy!

You can also use my Assessment Packet with this Anchor Chart resource. The assessments match the word lists and use the same illustrations as this packet.

Download a sample of the Word Work Activities and Assessments here!

30-Week Anchor Chart Packet Contents:

  • Week 1 - short a, u
  • Week 2 - short e, i, o
  • Week 3 - ai, -ay, a_e
  • Week 4 -ee, -ea
  • Week 5 -y, -ie, -i_e, -igh
  • Week 6 -o, -ow, -oa
  • Week 7 -u, -ue, -u_e
  • Week 8 -ar, -or
  • Week 9 -ir, -er, -ur + Bonus Review
  • Week 10 - ch, tch
  • Week 11 - th
  • Week 12 - shr, str, scr, thr
  • Week 13 - soft c, soft g
  • Week 14 - consonant review
  • Week 15 - prefixes (mis-, pre-)
  • Week 16 - prefixes (dis-, re-, un-)
  • Week 17 - suffixes (-able, -ful)
  • Week 18 - suffixes (-ly, -less)
  • Week 19 - suffixes (-tion, -sion)
  • Week 20 - prefixes and suffixes review
  • Week 21 - irregular plural nouns y-ies, o-oes
  • Week 22 - irregular plural nouns f – ves, word change
  • Week 23 - irregular plural nouns review
  • Week 24 - compound words
  • Week 25 - ore, -oar
  • Week 26 -air, -are
  • Week 27 - homophones
  • Week 28 - silent k, g, b
  • Week 29 - Consonant +le
  • Week 30 – Review

Get organized and ready for your Word Work block with 30 Weeks worth of Anchor Charts!


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