Saturday, June 17, 2023

FREE MISC. LESSON - “Beowulf (or King Arthur) Creative Sword Activity FREE”

by Tracee Orman
8th - 12th Grade

Free Creative Sword Activity: Allow students to express some creativity while reading Beowulf (or King Arthur, or any literature involving swords). I use this sword activity as a way for students to express their artistic skills, as well as their speaking and listening skills. They must name and describe their sword, giving it special magical powers.

The activity usually takes no longer than 15 minutes, or one class period if you have students share their swords with the class.

You may use the handout provided but will need to supply (or ask students to bring) markers, colored pencils, and/or other embellishments for decorating their swords. I also included links to the sword templates I used that are slightly thicker than card-stock and offered at a reasonable price online.

Find all my Beowulf resources here:


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