Saturday, August 5, 2023

FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “Back to School Idioms Freebie”

by Kathy Babineau
1st - 6th Grade

Focus on figurative language with these back-to-school idioms. Kids like looking at the colorful illustrations and explaining the literal and figurative meanings of funny back-to-school expressions. Target one a day or use in a back-to-school language theme. This easy print-and-go activity is also easy to share in online learning activities.

This free kit contains 18 idiom cards. Simply print, cut apart and laminate the cards. These are great for back to school, but may be used throughout the year - whatever works best for you! Be sure to keep the answer key handy.

Idioms included:
She's a bookworm.
Let's have a show of hands.
He's the teacher's pet.
It's as easy as ABC.
Don't be a copycat.
He is an eager beaver.
We will line up single file.
We have a lot of ground to cover.
I't time to crack the books.
Don't drop out of school.
I hope I don't flunk.
He will pass with flying colors.
You need to put your thinking caps on.
I'm going to teach him a lesson.
He will teach you the ropes.
When the teacher called on him he drew a blank.
The football coach is very old school.
He threw her under the bus.

These are great to use in small group lessons, for cooperative learning, and in classroom discussions.

Kathy Babineau MS, CCC-SLP

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Buyer reviews:
☆ Great resource to teach common idioms to my students! Fun and engaging activity for back to school! -Tamika Green
☆ Great for back to school - thanks! - Alicia F.

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