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FREE MISC. LESSON - “Weekly Homeschool Planner”

by RoShamBo Homeschooling
Pre-Kindergarten - 12th Grade

This FREE printable includes a template for creating a perfect weekly schedule for your homeschool curriculum! I usually plan out my activities the week before; anything earlier than that ends up getting shifted anyway because my son isn’t quite ready for one of the activities yet (or already mastered it) or has to change due to last minute schedule changes and appointments.

In addition to the typical boxes for planning out your individual days, I have three boxes on the side that are a bit more unusual… Weekly Focus: Practical Skill, Weekly Focus: Emotions, and Self-Care for ME.

Weekly Focus: Practical Skill

With little kids, it’s important that they learn more than just academics, and explicitly naming the practical skill I want to work on each week on my schedule helps me remember to integrate it in a little each day. In my sample, I listed “putting on shoes by self.” This could also be things like:

  • drinking out of an open cup without spilling
  • tying shoes
  • using a zipper
  • potty training
  • brushing own teeth
  • dialing 911, plus learning when to call and when not to (for older children)
  • learning home address and phone number
  • washing vegetables
  • set the table
  • fold a t-shirt
  • coughing and sneezing into elbow

Obviously many of these are things a kid won’t master in just one week, but having a goal to practice just one of them every week will help get your kiddo closer and closer!

Weekly Focus: Emotions

It’s really important for kids to have “class” on social and emotional learning in order to develop emotional intelligence and become the most empathetic kids they can be. This focus in our weekly homeschool planner is just like the focus on a practical skill each week—having a goal and a written reminder helps keep you on track to teach beyond just academics!

For this focus, we do things like:

  • learning emotion names
  • talking about how to appropriately react with each feeling
  • "I Love You" rituals
  • discussing how OTHERS feel and why (on a walk: “That puppy looks so happy sleeping in the sunshine. Look at that huge smile! Animals like it when it’s sunny. Remember when it was raining last week, and the puppy was all cold and soggy and trying to hide from the rain under the porch? Animals are really sad when it’s cold and rainy.”
  • activities on how to be a good friend, like sending care packages
  • practicing taking care of others
  • deep breathing exercises

Anything related to love (for ourselves and others!) is perfect in this category on your planner.

Self-Care for ME

Homeschooling is HARD. I know all of us who write homeschool blogs sometimes make it look easy, but trust me, it’s hard for everyone. It’s honestly been affirming to have so many parents start homeschooling due to the pandemic and all universally say that being home with your kids is definitely WORK… much harder work than many paid jobs.

Whether you’re doing this short-term or in it for the long haul, you deserve some recognition that you’ve taken on an exhausting task. Just like we’re teaching our kids how to manage their emotions, we too need to schedule time for some well-deserved breaks so we don’t get burnt out. Make it a priority to do at least one thing a week that truly refreshes and relaxes you. If possible, make it an activity you do without the kids—I love long walks with my son, but, hey, a long walk alone with my headphones is relaxing on a whole other level!

I hope you enjoy this weekly planner and start to feel more organized and in control of your homeschool curriculum!

Please let me know if you have any questions prior to purchasing.

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