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FREE LANGUAGE ARTS LESSON - “FREE Back to School Activity Get to Know You Icebreaker”

by TeacherWriter
2nd - 5th Grade

Back to School Activity

Are you looking for the perfect LOW-PREP ice breaker to kickstart classroom community the first day of school?  This back to school getting to know you activity is a fun way for students to introduce themselves.

In this icebreaker game, students will find a partner with the opposite of their card. Once they match up, they'll do a student interview. You can mix up the cards and play this back to school activity again and again.

It provides an ideal opportunity for students to get to know their peers in a fun and interactive way.

Perfect for most grade levels, the game is simple.

  1. Students get a card that shows a picture and a word.
  2. Students look for a partner with the opposite of what they have. (For example, hot and cold, full and empty.)
  3. Once they find their partner, they'll do a student interview using a partner interview sheet. They'll talk about birthdays, favorite things, and more.
  4. You can choose to have students introduce their partner in a group.
  5. Or you can collect the cards, mix them up, pass them out, and play this icebreaker again!

This set of cards can be used any time you want to get students into pairs or teams of four.

You can use it year after year, even if you change grades.

CCSS Standards covered: W.3.10, W.4.10, W.5.10, W.6.10, W.7.10, W.8.10,

Write routinely... for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences.

➤Who this is for:

▶️Upper elementary level and beyond

▶️Teacher prep day get to know you activities

▶️Making pairs for pair share or teams for PBL and STEM

▶️Anytime you need an easy ice breaker

➤What this resource includes:

  • ✅22 pairs of color cards of opposites
  • ✅22 pairs of B/W cards of opposites
  • ✅88 cards total
  • ✅Student interview sheet

✅Laminate the cards so they last year after year

This free resource is part of a bigger bundle of Back to School Activities!

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